Meet Swaati Mehra-Ramcharan, Centre Administrator and Registered Yoga Teacher

Q: “Swaati, Who do you love to help and why?”
A: “I love to help women in our community and let them know that there is help, services and treatments for what they’re experiencing — that they are not alone. I want them to feel welcomed, without judgment and to provide them with space where they feel comfortable.”

Women's Health Physio Swaati


Swaati has worked for many non-profit organizations, specifically in the healthcare industry as an event coordinator and administrator.

She has always had a passion for healthy living. After the birth of her two children, she came to understand the importance of care needed for her post-baby body and mind, and takes joy in the fact that she works in a place that supports women’s health. Swaati holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Culture, Women’s Studies and Languages from York University. She has earned her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and Pre/Postnatal Training at Balanced Life Yoga, and specializes in Yoga for Pelvic Health.

Swaati and her husband have two high-energy, animated boys. She enjoys listening to educational podcasts, thoroughly enjoys food, is a music lover and travel enthusiast.

Q: “Swaati, what do you hope your patients get from your classes?”
A: “I am passionate about teaching yoga to women whether they are experiencing pelvic pain, prolapse, in their prenatal or postnatal stages or just want to attend yoga classes that are safe for them. I love to introduce the amazing union of yoga and pelvic health. People can learn the benefits of yoga and movement for their pelvic health. I hope people leave my classes feeling less pain, more relaxed and more confident with movement.”