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Early Intervention Maternal Mental Health Programs at Women's Health Physiotherapy Centre

Anxiety and depression are one of the most common medical complications during pregnancy, from conception through to one year postpartum. As many as 20% or 1 in 5 women experience depression, anxiety and/or other mental health disorders during their pregnancy and/or postpartum period.  

We want to work on prevention and optimizing maternal mental health from the start!

We have 3 streams of support available:

  1. Early Intervention Maternal Mental Health : One on One Care starting in pregnancy and continuing on through postpartum period (Psychotherapist / Social Work delivered)
  2. Raising Resilient Mothers: Postpartum Group Therapy (Social Work and Psychotherapist delivered)
  3. Mom, Baby & Friends: Peer Support Group

1. Early Intervention Maternal Mental Health (one-on-one care)

This program is beneficial for all mothers and is especially set up to assist:

  • Women with a previous history of anxiety/depression or who are experiencing high stress or  worry surrounding pregnancy, delivery and motherhood.
  • Women who want to learn more about how to prepare their mental health for the changes of motherhood.

Goal of this program is preventative care starting prenatally with a seamless transition to ongoing care postpartum.

  • One on one psychotherapy sessions that can be attended solo or with a partner.
  • Three prenatal visits: available at any time during pregnancy but typically booked in the 3rd trimester in preparation for delivery.
  • Three to six postpartum visits: Week 2-4, Week 6-8, week 10-14 and after delivery – with ongoing care available.

Topics will be tailored to individual needs after meeting with your therapist but may include:

  • Thoughts and fears about delivery / Review of delivery experience and feelings 
  • What is and how to practice self compassion
  • Setting up realistic early motherhood expectations / Current motherhood challenges (for house, sleep, relationship, family, other children, boundaries)
  • Plan for what to do when feeling overwhelmed or when things are not going as planned
  • Sleep education / importance
  • Prioritizing needs and boundaries: “Doing it all / Super Mom mentality”
  • Shifting self and body image (physical, career, home)

Group Programs at Women's Health Physiotherapy

Women have always gathered in groups to support one another and it is often where the most healing happens. We can grow through connecting with others and sharing our joy as well as our struggles. 

♥ You do not have to have attended our Early Intervention Maternal Mental Health Program to participate in our groups.

2. Raising Resilient Mothers (virtual - Counselor and Psychotherapist delivered)

Virtual support group for mothers 1-18 months postpartum. These sessions are focused on moms needs, not the stage or age their child is at.

Our aim is to support parents who are experiencing stress and overwhelm, fears and anxiety surrounding their motherhood experience.  Research based tools for self care, and education will be provided and reviewed each session. Sessions will be facilitated by registered social workers and psychotherapists, in a confidential, judgment free, and supportive group setting.

Topics to include, but not limited to:

  • What is it and how to practice self compassion as a mother
  • Setting up for realistic expectations for early motherhood
  • Plan for what to do when feeling overwhelmed or when things are not going as planned
  • Sleep education
  • Doing it all / Super Mom mentality
  • Shifting self image – physical, career, home

6 Week Program: 75 minute weekly virtual meet up
$350.00 + HST (may be covered under extended health benefits for Psychotherapy or Social Work, please inquire for more information)

3. Mom, Baby and Friends (in person - peer support group)

This is a social new motherhood group aimed at moms with babies 0-9 months. A chance to talk about  the ups and downs we are experiencing  each week in a social, supportive, judgment free environment. Community speakers attend to help navigate common questions and challenges such as sleep, nutrition and starting solids, pelvic floor health, exercise and more.

A chance to get out of the house and meet other moms in the community to build our own support village and not feel so alone. 

6 Week Program: 75 minute weekly in person meet up in Durham (Ajax & Whitby)
$60.00 + HST

Healing is not linear.

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