Meet Leigh-Anne Best, Owner and Registered Massage Therapist

Q: “Leigh-Anne, Who do you love to help/why?”
A: “To Come.”



Leigh-Anne is a graduate of Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy. She was drawn to the profession for its healing and relaxation capacities and believes that massage offers a foundation for rehabilitation, exercise education, health maintenance, optimization, and wellness.


Leigh-Anne recognizes that every person is unique, bringing varied life experiences and having distinct needs for her or his body. She tailors her massages to reflect individual preferences, and to provide patient-centered treatment plans that meet the individual’s specific requirements.

With clinical experience that includes treating a variety of musculoskeletal issues, dealing with spinal cord rehabilitation, sport-related injuries, neuropathy, fertility and high-risk obstetrics, Leigh-Anne also brings a deep understanding of acute care treatment for therapeutic and relaxation benefits.  

Leigh-Anne is also a qualified birth and postpartum doula, and draws on that knowledge, where relevant, for her massage therapy practice.

Q: “Leigh-Anne, what do you hope your patients get from your care?”
A: “To Come.”