Meet Randi-Mae Standford-Leibold, Registered Social Services Worker, Mindfullness and Wellness Counsellor

Q: “Randi-Mae, Who do you love to help/why?”
A: “I love supporting women on their health and self-discovery journey to healing. I believe each woman is knowledgeable and has her wisdom within. I enjoy working with women on all stages of their journey. I also love working with couples as they work through the challenges of daily life.”

Randi-Mae, Counsellor


Randi-Mae is a mother, author, speaker and Mindfulness and Meditation Facilitator and Counsellor. She has been practicing mindfulness for 15 years; mindfulness and compassion practices have been weaved into the fabric of her life. She shares mindfulness with individuals, groups and organizations seeking to explore and invite a holistic approach to wellness and stress reduction into their lives.

Randi-Mae worked as a Crisis Counsellor for six years, providing immediate support to individuals and families in the most challenging moments of their lives. Randi-Mae holds a degree in Family and Community Social Services from the University of Guelph and a diploma in Social Services from Humber College. She is a registered Social Service Worker. She completed the Applied Mindful Meditation Certificate at the University of Toronto and Life Coaching Certificate from the Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training. She has also completed a Mindful Motherhood Certificate.

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Q: “Randi-Mae, what do you hope your patients get from your care?”
A: “I hope the people I work with walk away standing firmly in their truth with clarity and self-compassion.”