Theresa Robertson, Owner and Psychotherapist

Q: “Theresa, Who do you love to help/why?”
A: “I love to help everyone, all ages, from the littlest to those with more life experience. I believe in the uniqueness of every individual and want to honour everyone’s story. Humbling walking with people on their journey to wellness, in such a privilege and seeing people’s self-awareness and resiliency grow to where they are feeling more joy and self-worth in their life, is a blessing.”



Theresa earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology (1991), Bachelor of Social Work degree (1994) and her Master of Social Work degree (2001) each from York University.  Theresa is a registered Social Worker and over the past twenty-five years has provided non-judgemental and compassionate professional counselling and social work services in a variety of agencies.

Theresa is a life-long learner and has engaged in professional development throughout her career, continuously enhancing her clinical skills.  Theresa believes in the uniqueness of every individual and is passionate about working collaboratively with clients to help them reach their personal goals.

Theresa and her husband have two fantastic kids that keep them busy.  Theresa enjoys reading, going for hikes, practicing yoga and is a self-proclaimed foodie.

Q: “Theresa, what do you hope your patients get from your care?”
A: “I believe that everyone has skills and strengths they bring with them to therapy. My hope would be to work collaboratively with compassion to help people recognize their own self-worth and strengths, creating a greater sense of efficacy and empowerment in their lives!”