Meet Nicole Igel, Registered Physical Therapist

Q: “Nicole, who do you love to help and why?”
A: “As a Physiotherapist, I have the opportunity to educate, guide and support women in their journey at whatever stage of life they find themselves from adolescence through to menopause and beyond. Education and exercise are so powerful and vital to well being and physiotherapists are exceptionally well versed in both of these areas. Pelvic Health Physiotherapy offers a layer of safety and compassion to what may seem daunting and insurmountable and gives women the understanding that just because something may be common, it does not need to be normal.”

Nicole Igel


Nicole graduated from Queen’s University in 1995, receiving degrees in both Life Sciences and Physiotherapy. In 2001, she successfully completed her Diploma of Advanced Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy. She also has a Contemporary Medical Acupuncture certificate from McMaster University. In 2015 Nicole pursued multiple courses in persistent pain and pelvic health.

Nicole is passionate about working with individuals of all ages and activity levels to address their pelvic health needs. She provides a comprehensive approach to treatment including tailored exercises, education, lifestyle modification, manual therapy, acupuncture, and soft tissue mobilization. Nicole is committed to empowering her patients and giving them the necessary tools to manage their symptoms and meet their goals.

When not working, Nicole enjoys staying active with her husband and 3 daughters, downhill skiing, being outdoors, gardening, cooking, and snuggling with the dog.

Q: “Nicole, what do you hope your patients get from your care?”
A: “My hope is that my clients walk away feeling they are not alone; that they have been heard and their concerns have been addressed; that they have a better understanding of their bodies and what is going on; and in the end, that they have hope and the tools they require to change and take control of their well being.”