Meet Andria Koshil, Registered Physical Therapist

Q: “Andria, Who do you love to help/why?”
A: “Being an active mom of 2 myself, I understand what life is like with kids, and I love to help other mamas who want to return to various activities, to those who have had c-section deliveries, and to those who have tried almost everything and are at a loss of what to do next.”

Andria DPT, PT, BScKin


Andria graduated with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from D’Youville College, NY in 2013.  Prior to her graduate studies, she completed her BSc Honours Kinesiology at the University of Western Ontario.  

Andria has been a physiotherapist for several years working with a diverse population in orthopaedics.  It was during her first pregnancy with her son that Andria developed a passion for treating pelvic conditions and women’s health and has loved blending both sets of skills in her practice. 

At the clinic Andria is known for her compassionate, caring, and calm nature.  She loves to ensure her knowledge and skills are up to date through active participation in courses and seminars in pelvic health.

Andria truly enjoys being a physiotherapist and is excited to help support her patients to reach their health and fitness goals and to empower them to change their lives. 

Q: “Andria, what do you hope your patients get from your care?”
A: “Patients get a truly caring therapist who is an extremely good listener and informative without being overwhelming. I am skilled at acupuncture, manual therapy and exercises, patients feel better and learn tools to be better in their daily lives.”